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Here are three things to know:

  1. My name is Nicole and I believe that the world is a better place when we don’t let our perceived imperfections hold us back from what we want, or need, to do. As a singer/songwriter, I'm dedicated to helping people shed their (internal and external) haters and to do what scares them.
  2. I'm currently writing my first album, and I document its unfolding on my blog. I write about fear and courage, about the things that stop us from dreaming, and about staying the course. If you join my list, you’ll receive new music, new writings and other treats about once a month.
  3.  In the mean time, why don't you explore a bit? :) You can:
  • watch my featured cover songs here,
  • read my story here, or
  • find out "What's the deal with the elephants?" right over here.

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