What's With the Elephants?

As a child growing up in southern Africa, I went on more than a few safaris with my family.

Elephants, with their continental ears and their baobab trunk legs, were a rare sight. When I had the good luck to see one, the magic of them gave me goosebumps. I was torn between revering them from a respectful distance and wanting to run up to one and wrap myself around it's leg. They were my favorite land mammal.

Eventually, I got older. I left Africa and I forgot about elephants for a while. I moved to Kazakhstan, and thought only of horses. I moved to Northern California, and briefly made sea otters my favorite animal.

Slowly, though--and strangely--elephants started creeping back into my life. They've begun to gather in my small apartment. I hadn't been making a conscious effort to collect them, but last year I suddenly noticed they were everywhere. (Are they breeding?)

There's a gold elephant pendant I got for my birthday. There are neon plastic elephants grazing in my potted plants. There are t-shirts, and picnic blankets, and pillowcases...

I can't even count the number of elephants I have at home, now.

I believe in elephants...and they believe in me. ;)

I chose elephants for my website theme because to me they symbolize Mental Strength, a quality that I will continue to need lots of as I march down this path as an independent musician.

Across cultures and mythologies, they also symbolize kindness, wisdom, and good luck. (All awesome things.) They have strong familial bonds, and are a matriarchal animal.

The particular elephant in the banner above appeared in my mind one night in Calgary, just as I was falling asleep. I got up the next morning, eager to design--her image against the bright watercolor background I developed in a flash.

I like to think that if she could talk to me, she'd say things like "You can do this. You are enough. Believe in miracles."

And so she watches over me, peeking through my site.

I asked her to watch over you, too. Let me know when she brings you some goodness, ok?