Hi friends,

Excited about this milestone: I'm releasing my first track "Be a Little Lonely" in two weeks—May 31st!

Background... This song is about making the hard decision to break up with my fiancé. To make a very complicated story short—I realized during our engagement that I still had some healing to do from my previous relationship... and I didn't want to get married. It took me some time (and therapy) to eventually end the relationship—those months felt like heavy fog.

I'm inspired to run a short campaign for the song that could help people through a similar, stuck place by sharing validation/stories from others who took a risk for their own happiness. And I’m writing to see if you'd want to be part of it—if you’ve received this link you’re someone whose authenticity and wisdom I deeply respect.

Have you ever been afraid of following what makes you happy because choosing it Feels like risking belonging or connection?

What words of validation/support could you offer to someone stuck in that decision now? I'd like to share those words / your story with others.

If this resonates, I can send you a few questions to answer or we can set up a time to chat. I'd help you edit what you want to say, if needed, and I'd create some social graphics to help your insights spread. Here's a mockup...


If you have some words of wisdom to offer, I'd be so grateful to have you participate in this campaign. Please use the form below to express interest, or just share your thoughts directly.

Love… and THANK YOU.


PS. If this campaign isn't for you, that's ok. I would love your support in sharing the song when it's released, in other ways. I'll reach out about that separately.


*Please feel free to skip questions if they don’t resonate. Thank you SO much for participating. <3

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Please describe the situation. What were you wanting? What were you afraid of?
What would you tell your past self if you had the chance?